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Aggregating your Magento news…

We’ve always dreamed of a curated list of only the best Magento information, you know the type, The Definitive [insert your technology here]. At this point in Magento’s history though, we’re thinking it makes more sense to think in terms of consolidated, rather than curated; and daily rather than definitive. Baby steps.

So welcome to mage-page, a consolidated list of Magento resources, updated daily. So many talented Magento adopters and developers are already out there sharing information on how to do X or Y with the community, but the challenge is to find them all and remember to visit periodically to check for new content. Our goal with mage-page is to enable you to finally get to that wealth of current Magento resources from one place.

All the articles linked to from mage-page are the property of their original authors, so please direct your comments and feedback on each to the original post and blog on which it appeared (which will always be directly linked from mage-page). If you’re interested in seeing your blog and posts appear on mage-page, please use the suggest a blog form to let us know about it.

Who are we?

Greg Croasdill

I’m an independent developer and CTO for hire type who’s worked with a wide range of eCommerce technologies over the years–from the homegrown to the overgrown enterprise solutions. I’ve been working with Magento since 2007 and the preview releases and have been an advocate for its power and potential ever since. Currently, I head up technology at a web design/dev firm here in the US, called Human Element, where we’re focusing heavily on building our Magento business.

I have a small cohort of dev friends who’re helping out with mage-page, let me know if you ever want to be one of them (greg at mage-page dot net).

And a big shout out to Kara Heinrichs who pushed us to make mage-page happen.

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